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This would only be in line with their own hocus-pocus teachings.The catholic Church has continuously investigated sexual abuse and procedures by their own ilk, since the Council of Elvira in 309 C.E. and has nevertheless indulged in these crimes ever since, for nearly 2000 Years.If we now start to believe or trust, liars, criminals, cheats and deceivers, we have only ourselves to blame.

They lie in the name of their 'Lord',
let us speak out in the name of TRUTH
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Monday, 12 June 2017

Catholic Church sent paedophile priests away 'for them to be fixed': Prosecutors turned blind eye to abuse

The Catholic Church in Scotland has admitted it made a 'huge mistake' by sending paedophile priests away to be 'fixed' rather than prosecuting them.
A senior cleric said yesterday that abuse was seen as a 'sin' and the church focused more on 'treating' child molesters than on helping their young victims.
He said there were occasions when prosecutors turned a blind eye and agreed not to bring charges on the condition abusers received therapy, with their crimes seen as a 'moral fault that could be fixed by prayer and retreat'.

Archbishop Philip Wilson to step aside from duties to prepare trial defence

Philip Wilson, archbishop of Adelaide, is preparing to step aside from his duties after the New South Wales court of appeal unanimously dismissed his latest attempt to have a charge of failing to report child abuse quashed.


One year later: still waiting for the Vatican policy on negligent bishops

The new motu proprio is entitled Come una Madre Amorevole, but it might just as well have been named “And This Time We Really Mean It.” The papal document does not (despite what you might have read in the headlines) create a policy for removing bishops who neglect evidence of sexual abuse. The Code of Canon Law already provided for the removal of bishops “for grave causes.” The new motu proprio only clarifies the process for ousting a bishop, and states clearly what everyone should already know: that failure to curtail sexual abuse of minors by clerics is a “grave cause.”


'His legacy was pushing justice': Thousands of loved ones gather at state funeral for father-of-two who campaigned tirelessly against the Catholic church after his daughters were raped by a priest

St Stanislaus College, Bathurst closes the door on the media

IT was bad timing for St Stanislaus College at Bathurst in February, when one of its most notorious teacher/priests, Brian Spillane, was sentenced for terrible sex crimes against students only days before the college marked its 150th anniversary.
In a statement after the sentencing the college acknowledged it was “deeply sorry” for what Spillane’s victims experienced at the Vincentian school.
“The abuse they experienced was a failure by this staff member to fulfil the college mission of proclaiming the Gospel in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul and to open them to God’s loving presence in their lives,” the statement said.


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Law firms swamped by historical child sexual abuse cases due to royal commisison

Australian legal firms are experiencing unprecedented demand from people who have suffered alleged child sexual abuse in institutions such as churches, schools and youth groups.
The demand has been spurred on by revelations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and legal reforms which allow survivors to make a claim for damages regardless of when the abuse allegedly occurred.


Priest defends Tuam nuns, says unmarried mothers sterilized in other countries

Father Padraig McCarthy was writing in the influential Catholic publication “The Furrow.”
He stated other countries used sterilization which was mandatory in some. He stated women were sent to asylums in many countries for being “feeble minded” and “promiscuous.”


Bishop of Ballarat says history should accurately recall historical events

Bishop Paul Bird made the comment prior to a visit to Warrnambool on Sunday.
He said it was important to accurately record historical events where the community had gathered to celebrate with Bishop Mulkearns.

THE findings of a million-pound police investigation into allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile will be published in the summer.
Those close to Operation Conifer have rubbished claims that the investigation has been wound up, revealing that officers are still pursuing “significant lines of inquiry”.
It had been reported that no evidence had been found to tarnish the former prime minister’s reputation and that any findings would not be published.


Saturday, 1 April 2017

EDITORIAL: Final public hearing of child abuse Royal Commission

GIVEN the circumstances that led up to the creation of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, it was appropriate that Newcastle’s Steve Smith was the final person to give evidence to this groundbreaking and historic investigation.


Victim advocate: The abuse scandal has broken heart of the Catholic Church in Australia.

In this exclusive interview with America, Francis Sullivan, the chief executive officer of the Australian Catholic Church’s “Truth, Justice, and Healing Council,” reflects on what contributed to the abuse of minors by priests and religious in Australia, and what he thinks the Royal Commission that has been investigating this abuse might say in its report at the year’s end.


'They had nowhere to hide': abuse survivors praise commission for shaking institutions

As the child sex abuse royal commission winds up its gruelling public hearings, survivors look back with heartache at the revelations, but undiminished spirit, and total admiration for the commissioners and staff
Anthony Foster, an outspoken advocate for child sexual abuse victims and survivors, noticed a glaring absence from the hearing rooms during the final week of the child sexual abuse royal commission.
“There has not been one representative from one religious institution present,” says Foster, whose daughters Emma and Katie were sexually abused by a Catholic priest.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Child sexual abuse royal commission told physical violence 'the norm' in many institutions

Many children's homes ran on a regime of terror where physical violence was the norm, the royal commission into child sexual abuse has heard.

After three-and-a-half years, the commission's final public hearing has been held in Sydney.
Vice president of the Care Leavers Australasia Network, Frank Golding, said offenders did not need to groom children who were living in institutions, because victims were readily available.


'The damage is catastrophic': When childhood trauma becomes a life sentence

The damage inflicted by childhood abuse is lifelong and catastrophic but support services for victims are "grossly inadequate", a royal commission has heard.
Shelly Braieoux??? told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse she still suffers decades after allegedly being abused in a religious organisation.
"Being a survivor of sexual abuse is like being in a lifelong invisible war," she said.


Vatican commission support ‘validates’ resignation – Collins

Expressions of support for Marie Collins from members of the Vatican’s child protection commission are a “validation” for her position, the former commission member has said.
Mrs Collins stepped down last month from the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors after almost three months on the body of which she had been a founder member, saying she had grown frustrated with “resistance” from members of the Vatican bureaucracy, with the last straw being a refusal by members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to respond to survivors’ letters.


Suffer the Little Children: Church Cruelty in Ireland

TUAM, Ireland — Last year, during the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising that led to Irish independence, the writer Colm Toibin pointed to the fatal mistake the British made when putting down the rebellion. It was not just the swift execution of the movement’s leaders, which historians often point to as a defining moment, but the burial of their bodies in quicklime without coffins.
“Anyone Irish will understand that whatever you do, don’t do that,” he said, adding that it “mattered in Ireland in a way that it might not have mattered in some other country.”